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November 2020 Why no new announcements. The manufacturers are too busy to issue a new newsletter at present. These products are used in more than 51 countries at present and their design has been stable for many years.

May 2020 RFID based COVID19 Room capacity control system for controlling social distancing.

1 June 2017 Eco-antelope entered in IOT Innovation award competition.

1 April 2017Work in progress monitoring system for factories

1 Sept 2016Cowtrack monitoring system for cattle and sheep

1 Sept 2016 Calling all farmers - Ecoantelope(tm) passive RFID management of wild game in a remote field

15 July 2016 Development of Solar-powered standalone UHF RFID reader

25 May 2016 Development of passive UHF RFID animal eartag for cattle and wild game

22 April 2016 Developement of new Ecocattle(tm) passive RFID eartag for cattle and wild game

19 December 2015 Using RFID to mark safe routes through landmines for vehicles - request from United Nations

19 October 2015 The rewards of using established component suppliers

22 June 2015 RFID controls unmanned heavy vehicles

28 April 2014 New rules for transporting Lithium batteries

28 April 2014 Converting solar energy to useful electricity

23 November 2013 Cell-ID - new form of location device

6 June 2013 Tracking nuclear waste containers

27 March 2013 Choosing the correct RFID operating frequency

5 February 2013 Linking Android tablets to RFID readers

2 October 2012 Manufacturing costs of a very low cost transponder

27 August 2012 Timing at the Olympics and the use of RFID

27 August 2012 Tracking Players and ball in a soccer game

20 July 2012 RFID for data collection or clever application

18 April 2012 Marking yachts,boats,soft drink fridges, LDV canopies

18 April 2012 GSM Camera developments

28 Nov 2011 Recent applications - Notebook barrier systems to prevent valuable assets from being removed from premises

11 June 2011 White paper on applying UHF RFID to timing applications

2 June 2011 Tracking of notebooks

2 June 2011 Timing of sports events

2 June 2011 Locating buried services

21 February 2010 Expanding the abilities of RFID

26 May 2009 RFID Technologies develop passive transponder with 25 meter range attached to metal

24 April 2009 Development directions for RFID

31st October 2008 Sports Timing

9 September 2008 Notetrack(tm) - A laptop tracking software/hardware system in a box

5 August 2008 Find-a-tag features added to RFIDasset management system

22 July 2008 Implementing asset tracking systems

8 May 2008 - RFIDasset(tm) - Complete (hardware & software) asset management system in a box

11th April 2007 - RFID Technologies provide simple software packages to implement readers in applications

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