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RFID Technologies CC manufacture and supply a variety of UHF RFID readers and transponders to clients worldwide in 50 countries.

RFID Technologies' UHF RFID systems are among the most advanced systems available.

RFID Technologies supply fixed readers, portable readers, RFID-radar systems and passive and battery assisted transponders. Passive (no battery - 100 year life) transponders(tags) are in the form of credit card sized transponders, thin wire laundry transponders and transponders for attaching to notebooks computers and metal objects. Battery assisted transponders are in the form of stick tags and claymore tags.

RFID-radar systems are RTLS (Real Time Locating Systems) giving ID information and 2D position information.

UHF transponder systems offer long reading ranges with passive transponders having operating ranges between 8 and 24 meters, while with battery assisted transponders ranges up to 40 meters. The system allows many transponders to be in the read zone at the same time (up to 800), fast read rates (up to 70 per second), at speeds up to 300kph, and are simple to use and interface.

UHF RFID systems are data capture devices for computer systems. When a transponder enters the reader zone, the transponder is powered by the energising field from the reader and passes its identity information to the reader which then passes the information to the connected computer within milliseconds.

UHF radio energy passes through many non-metalic materials and is reflected by metalic and hard objects like walls and floors. This means that the energy penetrates most situationa and can read transponders often even if they are screened visually.

UHF RFID systems are used in many different types of applications - situations where a computer system needs to identify items passing through its reading zone. Applications such as access control, asset tracking, notebook tracking, cattle and sheep farming, sports timing, identifying uniquely trees in a forest, logistic applications, time and attendance, vehicle access to closed parking and residential areas, and even reading the contents of supermarket trolleys.

Below are details of the standard UHF fixed reader starter system offered by RFID Technologies. You can also get RFID-radar starter kits and other products such as asset tracking starter systems, notebook tracking systems, portable readers and transponders. Click on the response form for more details to be sent to you.

Fixed reader starter kit

Reader with patch antenna and cables

The Evaluation system is a complete reader with 100 transponders.

The systems are supplied with their famous low power transponders - among the smallest, lowest power passive UHF transponders available anywhere in the world - and the super sensitive receiver capable of reading credit card sized transponders from 2 cms to 11 meters from the reader.The tags can also be attached to metal objects still giving full operating range.

RFID Technologies have packaged the systems into a complete kit comprising a reader, antennas, cables and 100 transponders.

Additional transponders can be purchased.

Contents of kit
The kit comprises a mains operated fixed reader and 100 EcochipTag transponders . The reader is housed in a simple case and its incorporated power supplies are operated from AC mains (115volts - 240 volts). The reader plugs directly into a PC to display the received codes and connects 2 Patch antennas supplied with the kit.

Components of the "Evaluation system".

  • Reader system comprising
  • Reader housed in ABS (UL 94 HB) plastic case
  • Connectors for receive and transmit antennas
  • Output via RS232 at 9600 baud to external PC. (Can be connected to laptops via a RS232/USB adapter.)
  • Capable of reading multiple transponders in the field at the same time
  • Power supplies operate either on 110-120 volts or 220-240 volts.
  • Antenna systems
  • Two 8dBi Patch linear polarised antennas matched to 50 ohm.
  • Transponder modules
  • 100 Ecochiptag Creditcard sized operating in the EU or US frequency bands.
  • Cabling
  • RS232 cable to link reader to PC
  • Cost of Evaluation system as above - EURO 1850 - US$2590 plus shipping and local taxes.

    RFID Technologies products are simple to interface and no special software is needed for operation in a basic form. Instructions are provided for users who are skilled in software development so that they can achieve full capabilities of this advanced technology.

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