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A South African company at the forefront of UHF RFID developments, founded in 1994

RFID Technologies design, manufacture and distribute globally UHF RFID systems that operate over long ranges with passive transponder technology.

RFID Technologies also package these systems with software into solutions to solve clients system problems.

Our products
Basic RFID reader and transponders
COVID-19 Room capacity control system
RFIDasset(tm) Asset tracking system
Sports timing systems
Laptop tracking systems
Barrier system to prevent removal of laptops
Evaluation system for testing long range RFID technology
Basic RFID Products available
Software packages to change hardware into a full solution
RFID radar readers and systems
Features of our technology
Typical applications of long range passive RFID
Specifications of fixed reader and transponder
Our breakthroughs
Breakthroughs achieved by RFID Technologies
Newsletter on RFID developments
Track record People, projects and history
Patents portfolio
Significance of claims of Patent applications
Shelfedge labelling A novel system for the labelling of prices on supermarket aisles
Low cost RFID scanning of multiple articles for supermarkets
Supertag Press photos The event that started it all (14 Jan 1994)
History of multiple article electronic identification system developed in South Africa
Contact us
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Contact details
Microchip Design Consultants RFID Technologies are a factory appointed consultant by Microchip,Az,USA

Rfid kit with Patch antennas

Contact Phone numbers (South Africa)
Tel (SOUTH AFRICA)010 237 0675 or 066 093 7296
Fax (SOUTH AFRICA) 086 617 8002
Intnl fax +27 86 617 8002
Contact Email info@rf-id-systems

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