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RFID Technologies have over forty man years of experience in designing electronic systems for its clients. Its staff are cited as inventors in over 250 International Patent Applications, including those for the world renowned TROLLEYPONDER, ECOTAG and SUPERTAG radio frequency identification system.

RFID Technologies specialise in providing a design consulting service for the MICROCHIP range of components, whereby we use our specialist skills to develop the optimum software codes to allow our clients to utilise the benefits of the MICROCHIP range of products in their volume production.

RFID Technologies ideally write the code to the clients instructions and provide fully documented source and object code at the end of the project to allow the client's to make their own future modifications for future evolutions of their product. RFID Technologies also provide a "hand holding" service for the clients to assist with any snags they may encounter.

RFID Technologies have experience in using the MICROCHIP range of products as keyboard encoders, communication system interfaces and controllers, RF readers, electronic locks for safes, electronic gate controllers, ID tag emulators, and consumer items such as alarms and household facility controllers.

Although based in Johannesburg, through the use of electronic communication, RFID Technologies are able to help clients that are widely dispersed.

Authorized Microchip Consultant RFID Technologies is an authorized
PICmicro MCU application design expert.
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