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Additional information for potential manufacturers

At present this is still a concept demonstration model and we are interested in contacting manufacturers who would like to industrialise and market this concept around the world

Photographs of demonstration version and graphics showing concept


What will be needed
Will need to industrialise the concept demonstration model. Will require some mechanical, electronic and software expertise - in addition to expertise in industrialising systems.
We have prepared an eighty page document detailing the concept, the market, and hurdles that we foresee. The document also includes demonstration software or the store planning software. This document is available to SERIOUS potential manufacturers after the signing of appropriate confidentiality documents. Within three months of receiving the document, a short report is required detailing impressions from your study, and indicating whether a manufacture wishes to enter into license negotiations.
Technology transfer
We have a working concept demonstration model with the appropriate documentation. As part of industrialising the project, it is likely that you will redesign the system to minitaurise the design and adapt it to the market input from your initial study.
Licensing takes the form of paying a small percentage of turnover to the licensor for the rights and use of the protection offered by the patent.
From our mailing lists we have companies from all over the world that would like to act as distributors and installers for manufacturers of this system
What to do next
If interested in following this route, either contact us via Email at rfid@digitec.co.za or respond via the form below.


This concept is patented in most of the major trading countries in the world. In the USA, the system was found to be so novel, that the patent was granted without an official objection from the examiner. The patents are jointly owned by a South African Government organisation and a consortium in which RFID have certain commercial rights. The intention of all owning parties is to licence manufacturers to impliment this system.

Advantages and market needs

  • Solution needed in 450 000 ( Dec 1994 numbers) stores around the world and growing at about 20% per annum..
  • Low and well-known technology and simple to manufacture
  • No large scale expensive communications needed throughout the store
  • Able to print graphics, icons, logos, and text in black & white or colour
  • Easy to be used and maintained by store owner/operator
  • Shelf edge labels and Point of Sale use same price database
  • Single personal computer can run entire system
  • Can be priced at 10% of the competitive LCD display technologies.
  • Concept demonstration model developed to show features
  • Uses well-known ink jet technology
  • No large scale factories needed to manufacture system despite market size
  • Basic information of Displayrite system

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