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Software packages for processing RFID reader data

This brochure describes software available from Trolley Scan for operating the RFID reader products.

Historically RFID Technologies have supplied long range reader and transponder technology generally to IT companies and System houses where they have added the necessary software needed by their clients based in 49 countries. RFID Technologies will continue to provide "hardware only" to clients wanting to use their excellent reader and transponder technology, but will now start supplying software for the systems as well to users who do not want to operate via IT companies. Several standard low cost packages are being developed to ease the use of RFID systems for the user who wants to plug in and operate immediately.

Interfacing the RFID reader to a computer system is very simple and straight forward. The reader puts out RS232 data which is transferred to the computer via a cable connected to the RS232 port of the computer. By using standard terminal emulator programs that come free with the software supplied by the computer manufacturers, the user can read and capture the data from transponders entering the RFID reader zone. Settings for the computer and sample programs are provided in the handbook of the RFID reader.

Some users want more than just the identity of the transponder to make a useful application. The transponder might for example be attached to a parcel, or attached to a person or vehicle and the user wants to know the details of that parcel, person or vehicle when it enters its zone.

Software starter programs
RFID Technologies are initially offering two software packages to users wanting more complete data processing. The one version is for the user who does not want to do their own programming, but just wants to plug in the system and operate immediately. The second version has the same functionality, but all the source code is provided so that the user can add to the program and customise it to their needs.

The software is fitted to a Windows based computer and will

  • Look up the details of items tagged from a database,
  • will create a time stamped log file of tags passing the reader together with identity and description information,
  • will forward the identity information via the Internet to a number of other computers so that the details of the tag passing the reader can be displayed.

  • data processing
    Figure 1 shows a typical application where the reader is interfaced to the computer network via an RS232 port on the computer that will also look up details from the database. The information that matches the tag-id is retrieved from the database and broadcast to other users via the internet. Other computers in the network running the display software can retrieve that information and display it immediately. In addition a logfile with a time stamp is made by the computer which interfaces to the reader.

    For those who do not want to use RS232 cabling but wish to use internet connectivity as soon as possible, RFID Technologies have developed an RS232 to Internet converter module that allows data to be moved around via the Internet cabling of their network.
    data processing
    The link cable from the RS232 port of the reader to the RS232/LAN adapter can be very short. Any idle computer on the LAN can be used for the Lookup software and others can display the identity. The disadvantage of this version is that the RS232/LAN adapter is relatively expensive.
    data processing
    The last configuration that is available with this package is shown in Figure 3. Here no LAN is used and the lookup computer is used also as the display computer with connection to the reader being via RS232. A combined LOOKUP and DISPLAY PROGRAM are installed on the one computer

    The software for all these configurations is provided in the Reader software starter kit. The RS232/LAN adapter can be purchased separately from RFID Technologies. The software is compiled and supplied as an EXE file to be run on the targeted machine.

    Advanced version
    For those wishing to take this software as a starting point for further development, the Advanced version includes all the source code for the LOOKUP and DISPLAY programs which can then be modified to your needs.

    These products are the first in a series of software products to be made available from RFID Technologies. We will continually improve the products with experience. Any purchaser of the DISPLAY and LOOKUP software is entitled to Free updates as these become available.

    Catalogue of software products including prices in PDF format (110K)

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